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Saturday, November 12, 2016


In a previous article, I had to review about one of the beaches in south Kalimantan, namely beach Angsana. Angsana is located in the district, Tanah Bumbu regency, located about 200 km from the provincial capital of Banjarmasin. 

This time the author will review any of the charm of the beach Angsana is a charm that can be enjoyed underwater. Enchantment under the sea here are various species of marine fish and coral reefs. One spot we can see the charm beneath the sea at the beach of Angsana is spot Batu Anjir. which is located not far from the beach Angsana.

Way to spot snorkel in Batu Anjir can use boats leased by residents, or one of the resort located on the beach Angsana. In addition to rent a boat, they also rent equipment for snorkeling with rental prices are quite affordable. Way to spot snorkel in Batu Anjir within about 15-30 minutes, depending on the boat motor is used.

When they arrived at the snorkeling spot, you will be greeted by a pretty little fish. None of the boat, you can also look into the seabed, because of the position of the reef was not too deep and the water is very clear. By feeding the fish using your bread will be surrounded by tiny fish in Batu Anjir spot.

To maintain the habitat of fish and coral reefs travelers are required to maintain the cleanliness of the sea, by not throwing garbage in the sea.

Let us together to preserve the nature by not littering, so that our grandchildren can still enjoy the grace of God.

I'll see you at the next review.


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