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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Angsana Beach, South Kalimantan

Angsana Beach is located in the district of Tanah Bumbu, South Kalimantan province, is about 200 km from the provincial capital of South Kalimantan, the city of Banjarmasin. Normally can be reached within a 4 hour 30 minute road trip.

A road trip to the beach Angsana, you will pass through some of the other beaches located in Tanah Laut regency. some beaches will be passed name is Takisung beach, beach Jorong, Asmara beach, and the beach Joras. Besides passing through several beaches, on the way to the beach Angsana, we will also be treated to views of the mountains, and coal mines.

Angsana beach when they arrived at the gate, we will pass through palm oil plantations to get to the coast. The distance between the gate to the coast about 6 Km. However, because the road is still not on the asphalt, so the long way to the beach takes about 30 minutes. 

When they arrived at the beach we would be treated to the cool air typical of the coast. Angsana beach quite crowded in the afternoon or evening, because it has a lot of stalls selling food and drinks. so, you do not have fear of starvation and thirst. Angsana beach crowded on weekends, either from family groups and vacationers who really want to enjoy the charm of Angsana beach. You do not have to worry about hunger and thirst because many stalls selling food and drinks here.

For you travelers who want to stay, here are also already available resort which is quite convenient. for you are a backpacker travelers can also rent a tent, and the inn is owned independently by residents of surrounding communities. At night, the atmosphere of the beach is also very bright because it has many stalls citizens who are on the edge of the beach.

The best atmosphere to enjoy the charm of the beach is in the morning, because the fresh air accompanied by the sound waves. In addition to enjoying the natural scenery beach. here we can also do water games provided by coastal managers and residents around, such as banana boat and snorkeling.

Well, rather than curious, you should just visit the beach Angsana, see the masterpiece of God. I'll see you in a subsequent review.